Another ISP thread...

Jima jima at
Tue Apr 23 21:32:12 MDT 2013

On 2013-04-23 19:18, Tod Hansmann wrote:
 > The static IPs
> work as you expect.  This is in contrast to their business fiber, which
> can be a bit wonky (you get a /30 that you don't pay for as a
> "management" subnet and your /29 or whatever is routed to your
> management IP.  Odd, but it works great thus far.)

  I prefer having a point-to-point /30 and having my assigned subnet 
routed, myself.  It lets me split my allocation up, abuse the 
network/broadcast/router addresses (generally for DNAT/SNAT), filter the 
subnet (without a transparent firewall), and add another allocation 
without renumbering my existing equipment.  It's normal SOP for 
enterprise-y connections, and I enjoy having the same design at home. :-)


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