Another ISP thread...

Jima jima at
Tue Apr 23 18:44:25 MDT 2013

On 2013-04-23 17:59, Dennis Muhlestein wrote:
> On 4/16/13 5:04 PM, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
>> On Tue, April 16, 2013 16:06, Dennis Muhlestein wrote:
>> Recently I've been happy with Comcast. Despite their questionable business
>> practices, the actual product is quite functional. I just got upgraded last
>> night and tested a solid 55Mbps down and 10Mbps up. 40ms to the work VPN. I've
>> had a few minor outages. That's a typical issue with them it seems. Of course
>> with all things Comcast - YMMV.
> Do any of you have static ip addresses with Comcast?  Did you have to
> pay extra?

  With Comcast?  Last I checked (a few years ago, in Minnesota), that 
would require a business-class account, which is more expensive per 
month for less bandwidth, and is subject to a (at the time) $250 
"installation fee" -- actually more like an activation fee, since you 
have to pay it even if you already have coax.  And yes, you have to pay 
extra per month for the static IPs.

  On the plus side, unlike their residential offerings, their 
business-class connections have always been exempt from the metering and 


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