VNC / RDesktop questions

Michael Torrie torriem at
Fri Apr 19 16:51:12 MDT 2013

On 04/19/2013 11:35 AM, Daniel wrote:
> What do people think about No Machine's NX solution?

I've used NX on and off since it was created years ago.  Although I
originally found it quite useful, I'm using it less and less lately.
The biggest drawback it has for me is that when you get disconnected all
the X11 clients attached to the X proxy server get suspended until you
can reconnect.  This means that if you had a graphical process that
needed to run for a while, if you disconnect it stops running.  And
sometimes you can't reconnect to a session; instead you get a new one.
This can happen if you try to reconnect from a different computer
sometimes (different graphics bpp).

NX does try to integrate file sharing using Samba, and printing using
cups, but I've never used either feature so I can't tell how well it works.

NX also can proxy a vnc stream or an rdp stream and in theory speed it
up as well as secure it.  Works like this:

nx client ---> nx server ---> vnc or rdp server

The nx server and vnc server can be on the same host if you're using
xvncserver for example.

NX can also bring over a single X11 application (not a whole desktop),
though that's not integrated into ssh and hence not as useful as it
could be (have to fire up the client to use it).

NX was highly useful in a lab environment where we wanted to allow
students to connect in with nx client and get a full desktop on demand
remotely over semi-reliable connections. I still see NX as useful in
that area.

Latetly though I find I just tunnel vnc over SSH and run a light-weight
X11 desktop in Xvncserver.  It stays running when I need to to, and it
seems to be every bit as fast as NX is.

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