VNC / RDesktop questions

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Fri Apr 19 01:31:50 MDT 2013

*Hey all, here's a couple of questions for you.*

*First, do the xDM programs (XDM, GDM, KDM, etc...) support the RDP (Remote
Desktop Protocol) as well as the XDMCP (X Display Manager Control
Protocol)? If not, what would be a good program to enable someone to
connect to a KDE session (or other X session, but I prefer KDE) using the
windows rdesktop program?*

* *

*Second, does either Rdesktop or VNC support audio as well as video? I.e.
if something I do on the remote machine would generate sound through the
sound card (playing a video, audio event, etc...), will either of those
send the signal to the sound card of the computer I'm sitting at so I would
hear it? If not, is there a way to accomplish something like that?*

* *

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