[OT] Google Fiber (probably) coming to Provo

Nathan England nathan at nmecs.com
Wed Apr 17 16:11:00 MDT 2013

On Wednesday, April 17, 2013 03:29:33 PM Lonnie Olson wrote:
> Wow, talk about misinformed.  Mis-management possibly.  Horrible
> business model, an exaggeration.  Cities do not own Utopia, they lend
> money to Utopia on a bond, that Utopia has to pay back over a long
> time.  Some cities have chosen to join into the Utopia network for
> reasons of improving network infrastructure.  This infrastructure is
> meant to increase competition, increase availability, increase speeds,
> etc.   This is exactly the purpose of local government, to provide
> infrastructure to the people (Police, schools, roads, water, sewer,
> etc).
> Now we can argue about the specific details and implementations that
> need improvement.  But the motivation of your local government was
> good, and the model they chose (Utopia) can work (or could have) and
> was less expensive and intrusive than running it all themselves,
> absorbing all costs, and probably screwing up even worse.
> And your comment about not paying taxes for something you don't use is
> just plain silly.  Everyone pays taxes for things they don't use.  I
> don't have any kids, but I pay for the school system.  Some people
> don't drive cars, yet their taxes pay for the dept of motor vehicles.
> This kind of infrastructure is beneficial to society in general,
> that's what local government and taxes are for.

I agree with most of what you say, but a point is missed. When a company has 
to make changes they must consider all options, and going out of business or 
massively cutting back to possibly a single service or product is a 
possibility. When Government gets involved in business, they raise taxes 
instead of possibily shutting down the company. This gives the Government 
"business" an unfair advantage because it has potentially unlimited tax 
revenue behind it which the regular business does not. Sure this may be the 
Microsoft vs Redhat example, but even Microsoft has limited resources, not to 
mention share-holders they are accountable to. Our government has proven time 
and time again they have *no* accountability. Therefore, it can only be seen 
as an anti-competitive advantage!


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