Another ISP thread...

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Apr 17 11:31:33 MDT 2013

On Wed, April 17, 2013 08:08, Lloyd Brown wrote:
> Did they upgrade you to IPv6 as well?  I have to admit that, while I
> generally have avoided Comcast, their recently improved bandwidth, and
> their IPv6 offering makes me tempted.  My (very technically-minded) boss
> gets both good bandwidth (don't know exactly what), and IPv6 today at
> his house in Springville.

Not yet, no. Though I would expect roll-out to continue. They've been doing
maintenance on a regular cadence. I lose service at 2am for 15 minutes at
least once a week. Happened again last night, and now I'm on a totally new
subnet. Speeds & latency are unchanged.

It would be nice if Comcast was more transparent about their changes and
maintenance windows. Oh well.


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