Another ISP thread...

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Tue Apr 16 17:04:42 MDT 2013

On Tue, April 16, 2013 16:06, Dennis Muhlestein wrote:
> So I got in the mail today notification that rapidwave got bought by
> Digis.  Hm... Last I checked Digis wasn't too compatible with my
> internet needs (bandwidth slowing, too many people on the same nodes, etc.)
> So, afconnect is not an option where I am in North American Fork (Near
> Cedar Hills) What next?

That is really, really sad news. I had RapidWave for a couple of years. Their
network terminated at Tier4, then C7. I basically pushed the pipe full-blast
all day long and never heard so much as a peep out of them. Due to their
optimal local network setup I had 4ms to the work VPN. It was basically like
being there. SSH sessions were a dream. The only downside was restricted
bandwidth options. I couldn't give Digis a similar evaluation.

Recently I've been happy with Comcast. Despite their questionable business
practices, the actual product is quite functional. I just got upgraded last
night and tested a solid 55Mbps down and 10Mbps up. 40ms to the work VPN. I've
had a few minor outages. That's a typical issue with them it seems. Of course
with all things Comcast - YMMV.

You may want to check out CenturyLink's FTTN service. My understanding is that
they have (finally) figured out how to do it right. Though I personally had an
experience with them that made Comcast look deserving of a customer service
award by comparison.

Good luck with the ISP search! It is always an adventure.


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