Noob question, but a good one. (It's actually Linux related!)

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Fri Apr 5 21:41:00 MDT 2013


Thanks for the tip about freepbx.  The system is using freepbx along with

FreePBX is used to setup the trunks and handle internal admin, A2Billing is
used for customer provisioning and management.
I had no real difficulty getting FreePBX setup on the system and everything
worked just fine when I put FreePBX on it's own box.

Unfortunately A2Billing is a real mess and cannot be split into chunks or
It's a design flaw that I consider a real security issue.

The reason is that A2Billing adds lines to the dialplan that cause it to
call a2billing.php for each phone call.  This particular file has a rats
nest of dependencies on the rest of the web system, and for some reason it
won't function at all unless Apache is running.  It will actually fail to
even connect to the DB if apache isn't running.  I gave up even trying when
I started seeing that happen.

Otherwise I would just install A2Billing sans apache on the server and let
the whole thing work from Asterisk realtime configs.  (Would sure be a
whole lot cleaner).

I really wish there were alternatives to A2Billing that are designed
specifically to work with a standalone asterisk box where the configs are
mapped from a remote DB.  That would actually be the ideal solution to all
my problems.

On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 10:10 PM, Michael Torrie <torriem at> wrote:

> On 04/05/2013 07:47 PM, S. Dale Morrey wrote:
> > Yeah that's not going to happen.  This is a public, customer facing
> > asterisk box for a use case that exists for the sole purpose of bypassing
> > the incumbent telco's exchange to provide discount calling.  I'm
> > essentially helping them to roll their own telco.
> Dale, have you considered FreePBX?  It's a complete web-based system
> that manages Asterisk for you.  They've already solved this problem of
> yours.  Not sure if it's available to add onto Ubuntu, though.  They
> usually have their own distro (and repos) based on CentOS.  One big
> downside to FreePBX is that you can't just tweak the config files
> directly as FreePBX generates them.
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