Best practices for packaging?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Wed Apr 3 20:44:41 MDT 2013

So here I am back to Asterisk.
As it turns out, I'm going to have to do a custom build because vital
modules in the Ubuntu repo hosted version simply don't load due to missing
symbols and frankly it's quicker to rebuild than to try to fix each module.

Now I know it's really bad practice to install development tools on a
production box, thus my plan is to download the source, build it, then
package it as a .deb and install the package via dpkg.

The box I'll be building on will have roughly the same specs as the target
and should be running the same OS & version.  Ubuntu 12.4 LTS 64bit.
Ubuntu was chosen because it's really hard to find an admin out here who
know RHEL/CentOS and speaks spanish, but the ubuntu forums seem to have
friendly folks who speak spanish. Thus long term administration on this box
has some degree of being feasiblly performed by a local resident.

Back to the original point of this topic.  Does anyone have a checklist of
things to do to ensure this goes off smoothly and doesn't end up opening
major security holes?  Compile time flags, packaging tips etc?


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