Home Office Server Security

Nathan England nathan at nmecs.com
Tue Apr 2 09:19:50 MDT 2013

Hello Hello,

I will soon be building a new server for my home office. I do various 
consulting jobs and have access to data that my customers consider 
highly personal or private, some of which I've signed NDA's in order to 
have access to. The current server stores my client data, various source 
code files, but it also doubles as my personal data store. All my 
personal projects along with videos and pictures, audio files and 
everything that all of us parents and geeks would want to store.

My new hardware will have multiple drives in a raid configuration. I 
have not completely decided on how that will be configured. I would like 
your opinions on the best methods of securing a server. I am not against 
having to type in an encryption passphrase each time the machine boots, 
but as it will be headless, I'd really rather not, but hoping beyond 
setup I will not need to reboot it often it is an option.

What options should I consider for protecting the data on the hard 
drives and still provide some sane level of usability from a workstation 
somewhere else?

I appreciate your thoughts!


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