[OT] Mobile App Dev for dummies

Caleb Call calebcall at me.com
Sat Sep 29 15:24:38 MDT 2012

Instead of buying a developer license right away, why not just download Xcode (which is free) and create your app.  You'll only ever need to buy the developer license if/when you want to put it on the app store.

On Sep 29, 2012, at 2:27 PM, Michael Torrie <torriem at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 09/29/2012 02:12 PM, Robert Merrill wrote:
>> Ok, so I have a back log of apps that I want to develop. Anyone know
>> of some quick ways to Dev mobile apps? iOS preferred (heresy!) as
>> well as android.
>> Toolkits IDE's or other things to get started? I do NOT think I'm a
>> programmer, but I'm a reasonable hack. How can I get started?
>> Or, outsource? Or, else/other?
> Well you start by buying a Mac, then buying a developers' license (RMS
> appears to have been quite prophetic in this regard), and downloading
> the latest Xcode IDE.  And a book or two?
> That's really the only way.  It's Apple's way.  Their tools.
> Android is a bit more accessible, and available on Linux.  Download the
> SDK from google, get a book or two, read a tutorial, and give it a shot.
> It's Java in the Eclipse IDE, and the paradigms and program lifecycles
> in Android are a bit different from what you might already be familiar with.
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