FreeSWITCH Meeting Upcoming Prep

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Wed Sep 26 19:13:29 MDT 2012

I recommend ekiga for a softphone in linux. It's always worked for me
whereas linphone has given me problems.

On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 6:33 PM, Tod Hansmann < at> wrote:
> With two weeks until my FreeSWITCH presentation, I thought I'd mention a
> couple things so you can get the most out of it (of what little I'm
> offering, anyway).
> The goal is a small office setup.  We will be going over the following,
> as this is very intro level, and FreeSWITCH is incredibly vast:
> - FS architecture
> - A brief, almost useless intro to SIP
> - Getting and compiling FS (quick overview)
> - Some typical module explanations and configurations
> - The default dialplan (including some IVR stuff)
> - Connecting phones to it
> - Gateways (or "How I connect it to other people's phones")
> - Where to go from there
> You may wish to grab FS and compile it ahead of time on your laptop if
> you want to follow along.  We won't be doing a whole lot of
> modifications, so it will be relatively easy, (though we will explain
> how).  You can go through a quick guide here, much of which we'll be
> covering briefly: If
> I have anything I won't be typing up right there, I'll mail it out
> before the presentation, though it's not the current plan.
> You also may wish to bring a SIP phone (probably a soft phone on your
> laptop or your android phone, I'm not going to have a massive switch or
> anything) if you wish to try connecting it to my server, which will be
> there for a bit after I'm done presenting for toying with as such.
> Cheers,
> -Tod Hansmann
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