Durable Solid State Storage?

Jessie Adan Morris jessie at jessieamorris.com
Wed Sep 26 14:14:11 MDT 2012

Depending on what your plan for use of it, I carry around an SD card with me 
everywhere. It's small enough I can keep it in my wallet and most devices that 
I use have SD card slots in it. And to be totally honest, 90% of the time I 
just leave it sitting in my laptop.

On Wednesday, September 26, 2012 13:01:17 S. Dale Morrey wrote:
> Ok it's happened, I've lost my thumb drive off my keys for the 10th time.
> I don't understand why the keychain connector isn't more durable on
> these things but frankly it's upsetting to be running some sneakernet
> and find out your thumbdrive fell off in transit,never to be seen from
> again.
> Does anyone have a recommendation for a well thought out, durable
> thumbdrive solution?
> Thanks!
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