[OT] For a friend - Windows sysadmin skillz.

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Wed Sep 19 17:06:36 MDT 2012


I am interested I have a programing background and have worked in
windows enterprise systems. 

In my past I've managed Windows 2003 -
2008 Domain Controllers along with Exchange servers. 

On 2012-09-19
16:52, Gabriel Gunderson wrote: 

> Plug,
> Let's say I have a friend
that has some Python code that he need to
> run as a proper Windows
service. He's got it pretty well cobbled
> together, but it's clear that
some domain expertise should be brought
> to bear on the current
> Are you a Windows guru? Or, more likely, do you have a
friend that is?
> This a paying gig that will likely be 10 to 20 hours
and have a few
> additional hours here or there. The pay will be right.
I know, because
> the right applicant will name their compensation and
my friend will
> happily pay it.
> Knowing Python, py2exe, cxfreeze,
PyInstaller and innodb are nice, but
> not needed.
> What *is* needed
is a FIRM understanding of Windows users,
> permissions, and proper
administration. And no, writing a macro for MS
> Excel back in Junior
High doesn't qualify you ;)
> Let me know if you're available. Given
the sensitive nature of the
> request, I understand if you (or your
friend) would like to contact me
> off-list.
> Thanks,
> Gabe
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