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Scott Edwards supadupa at
Mon Sep 17 18:57:01 MDT 2012

Hello John,

I have been following for some time, and I do recall a business
doing something similar.  They had real dvd players running through
streaming capture cards to stream dvd flicks to the consumer.  They took
this approach to try and insulate from lawsuits by MPAA mafia and kin.
 It's been long enough ago, this is about all I recall.  It seemed menacing
the MPAA even had a case to stand on, but if the news in the last decade is
any indication, they don't always calculate the ROI on a case before
following through, because in the end someone else usually pays.  Be weary
of settling out of court if your first amendment rights are suppressed (Are
you prepared to settle AND be quiet about it?).  Above all, I'm no lawyer,
so you may want to rely one (hopefully a good one familiar with these laws
and big bully industry tactics).

What's in a name?  I think I've followed most of the posts on the thread,
and I don't see a connection in this domain name.  What do your prospective
customers think?  If they're not geeks by any stretch of the imagination,
will they still get it?

Have you thought about liability (who pays for lost or damaged dvd/s tapes,
etc), how are they graded, inspected, who pays for the evaluation?

Amazon, Netflix, and the handful of others don't have the niche you might
be able to fill.  Their selection doesn't cover everything.  Some families
I speak with this topic time to time, despise the physical storage space
required to keep track of all their videos.  What if the little ones
demolish the limited edition dvd?

Do you have a business plan?  What are the costs? Who's your direct or
related competition? How many customers do you need before you break even?
 You'll need a profit and loss projection to show how many customers over
time will prop up the expenses, eventually to the point of making a profit.
 How much would you make now, punching in 40 hours a week?  It's likely
you'll put in a lot of hours (Eg, 80+) to shove it along until it has some

A grant or seed funding is great, but without the profit and loss, you'll
never know how hard or easy it will be to reach your goals.  The plan will
help you set some goals, so you can break even in a set amount of time.
 It'll help you see what kind of pain you'll be at before you lose your
shirt (and then some).  Are you filing for an LLC? Going solo? Partnership?
 Corporations can help you secure and isolate your personal assets, but
they do incur additional paper work and up keep to prove you're following
the guidelines, and there's that double layer of taxation too.

Just some food for thought.  Many cities have a small business development
center.  I haven't been to one in a while, but they might have some
workshops to help you get through some of the common/generic stuff (that
can be overwhelming if you don't know how it works).

Best of luck!

Scott Edwards

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