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Daniel Fussell dfussell at
Mon Sep 17 18:19:06 MDT 2012

On 09/17/2012 10:27 AM, Daniel C. wrote:
>> I agree physical media is dying, but there is surely money to be made
>> during that demise.
> Good point.  One of the critical character traits of a business
> founder (as identified by Yanev Suissa, a Venture Fellow at NEA who
> spoke at a business class I took) is the ability to "pivot" - to
> change direction when new information or perspectives become
> available.  Our OP might not be headed in the perfect direction now
> (it would be surprising if he was, since that would mean he picked the
> perfect strategy right out the gate) but if he can adjust fire he
> might be able to make this work.
I was thinking along the same line as the mob; that is to say, this is a 
fabulous idea right up till the first lawyer sees a deepening pocket, 
where in they file a cease and desist while drooling all over himself.

On the other hand:
My wife is constantly wanting me to rip and burn our VHS tapes.  And our 
audio tapes.  And maybe the DVD's too.  I like the forward thinking 
trend she's on, but I see the physical media as the One True MPAA Shield 
in the hands of a semi-decent defense lawyer.  Without it, I can't prove 
anything, since I don't keep the receipts forever.

So, while the OP is sticking a barn wall and asking the MPAA lawyers to 
eventually throw a brick at it, I like the idea of the media being 
stored away where my wife will quit bugging me to burn the originals.  I 
don't like whatever license and fee agreement from Walmart, Netflix lack 
of generic linux support, and Amazon is semi-decent.  So he might 
eventually have a shot at a spot in the streaming market, if he has the 
warehouse to store EVERYONE's media.

;-Daniel Fussell

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