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Mon Sep 17 08:46:51 MDT 2012

On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 8:42 AM, Charles Curley
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> Now we get into copyright issues. Lending out your physical copy of a
> book or DVD is perfectly legal. I'm not so sure about a ripped copy
> sitting on someone else's server. It would depend on the license. But
> renting it out might not be legal even if lending or copying was.
> (Creative Commons Non-commercial license, e.g.) I am not a lawyer, and
> don't want to get into those issues. Nor would I care to become an
> RIAA/MPAA lawyer target.
> I expect our OP has looked into this issue.

IANAL, but I imagine, so long as he holds the physical copies in
escrow, he will have a similar sort of status as netflix. He will
similarly have to negotiate the same sorts of distribution rights as
netflix does, and will *have* to use DRM to get those rights. The
content owners won't go for anything less--and even with that, are
very hard to negotiate with. Some require large ($millions) down
payments up front.

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