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> I can think of dozens of reasons to do this. First, the majority of my
> physical media sits unused 99.99995% of it's life. Why not make a
> little money on that wasted time?

Now we get into copyright issues. Lending out your physical copy of a
book or DVD is perfectly legal. I'm not so sure about a ripped copy
sitting on someone else's server. It would depend on the license. But
renting it out might not be legal even if lending or copying was.
(Creative Commons Non-commercial license, e.g.) I am not a lawyer, and
don't want to get into those issues. Nor would I care to become an
RIAA/MPAA lawyer target.

I expect our OP has looked into this issue.

> Finally, some of you are just being plain rude. Your response was
> neither helpful to the group, nor effective in getting your point
> across. After the first couple sentences, you'd already given
> yourself away as a troll who didn't understand what the main points
> of the business were.

Hear, hear.


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