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Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Sun Sep 16 23:40:27 MDT 2012

On 16 Sep 2012, at 23:33, Ryan Byrd wrote:

>> Why would ANYONE in their right mind pay you to lower the quality of
>> entertainment and make it slower to access?
> Maybe the point is that people have hordes of DVDs and it's less convenient
> to fumble through stacks of them then it would be to pull up a flick on
> your PC? Maybe it would be nice to be able to access your DVDs from your
> laptop when you're on the road (assuming you're not a techie, of course,
> and could do this yourself)? Maybe his company allows streaming to mobile
> devices, so you could watch your DVD on your smartphone (probably not, but
> let's give him the benefit of the doubt.)

In fact, this is what I have been hoping Netflix and other streaming media services would become.  When I do actually purchase physical media, it is quickly ripped and then stored in the dungeon, never to be handled again.  My brother and I have looked for ways to share our movies with each other as well as with family and friends.  We have a fairly decent ad hoc media sharing service, but just between family.  I look forward to the day when all media is readily accessible for a reasonable monthly service fee or a one time fee per media title.

Party on.

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