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Ryan Byrd ryanbyrd at
Sun Sep 16 23:33:22 MDT 2012

> Why would ANYONE in their right mind pay you to lower the quality of
> entertainment and make it slower to access?

What a bunch of naysayers!

Yes, he posted a spammy off-topic post and perhaps his business will fail
and perhaps we should form a mob, chant "kill the beast" and chase him out
of town.

but maybe not.

Maybe the point is that people have hordes of DVDs and it's less convenient
to fumble through stacks of them then it would be to pull up a flick on
your PC? Maybe it would be nice to be able to access your DVDs from your
laptop when you're on the road (assuming you're not a techie, of course,
and could do this yourself)? Maybe his company allows streaming to mobile
devices, so you could watch your DVD on your smartphone (probably not, but
let's give him the benefit of the doubt.)

> Yes, it will fail, but not for the reasons you cite. Instead, it will
fail for an entirely different reason: Physical entertainment media is

I agree physical media is dying, but there is surely money to be made
during that demise. after all, some (read: old) people don't transition to
new tech just because it exists. if rotary phones would still work on
calling trees (IVRs), a ton of people would still have them (IMHO). plus,
this digitization is a way of transitioning to the new-way-of-doing-things
and, there is also the part where the end user can sell/lease/rent/whatever
their digital library. I think that's a curious idea, particularly if such
a marketplace isn't against the EULA, which it probably is.

so... yes, the post was a bit uncouth, but I wouldn't throw out the
business idea as horrible just yet.

After all, there are worse business moves, such as shoe stores called "The
Athlete's Foot" and sandwich stores called "Blimpies" and Windows ME.

I digress. where are the torches? I'm in the mood to join in on an old
fashioned, jostling throng of petulant townsfolk, hellbent on justice!

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