My startup:

Daniel C. dcrookston at
Sun Sep 16 21:46:39 MDT 2012

On Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 2:16 AM, John Fenley <pontifier at> wrote:

> We facilitate the Buying, Selling, Storing, and Streaming of physical media.
> Basically we hold our users media collections, stream them the content, and provide a stock market style trading system where supply and demand sets media prices.

So you're trying to compete with iTunes, Amazon and eBay with a
website you admit is bad and a budget of zero dollars.  And your idea
is that people will send you their physical media and you'll keep it
safe for them and make it available to them over the Internet, right?

Let me ask you something - why the hell would anyone want to do that?
If I already have the DVD (high quality, in my home, instantly
available any time I want it) why would I mail it to someone else
(probably takes a week or more to get there) so that you can put it on
your "cloud" (probably take another few days) so that I can then watch
a degraded-quality, choppy video stream whenever your servers happen
to be up?

Why would ANYONE in their right mind pay you to lower the quality of
entertainment and make it slower to access?

Your idea is horrible and your business will fail.  Do yourself a
favor and throw in the towel now.  Take what you've learned and do
something else that's better.  Don't feel bad, everyone fails horribly
the first ten times or so.  As long as each of those times is a
learning experience, and if you don't quit, you will eventually
succeed and make a meager living while working insane hours.  Good


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