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WTH?  Is this spam or something?
On Sep 15, 2012 12:16 AM, "John Fenley" <pontifier at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> My name is John Fenley. I could use some help with a business I'm starting
> that some people here may like.
> What we do:
> We facilitate the Buying, Selling, Storing, and Streaming of physical
> media.
> Basically we hold our users media collections, stream them the content,
> and provide a stock market style trading system where supply and demand
> sets media prices.
> This is specifically for media with a commercial value such as hollywood
> movies or similar (not home movies).
> How you can help:
> We need a user interface designer.
> Our site is just in beta, and is pretty rough. It needs some capable hands
> to create a great interface for us.
> We need users.
> If you want to try out the site (bad as it is) I can give you a code to
> make an account to see how it works.
> Also, if you have a bunch of vhs tapes or dvds sitting around, I can add
> them to your account.
> We need money.
> We are currently in a contest on and can win $5000 if
> we get enough votes by about october 9th
> There's tons more that we need help with, but I've used up enough of your
> time for now...
> John Fenley
> P.S. Please, Please vote for Crossies on
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