My startup:

John Fenley pontifier at
Sat Sep 15 00:16:32 MDT 2012

Hi all,
My name is John Fenley. I could use some help with a business I'm starting that some people here may like.

What we do:

We facilitate the Buying, Selling, Storing, and Streaming of physical media.
Basically we hold our users media collections, stream them the content, and provide a stock market style trading system where supply and demand sets media prices.
This is specifically for media with a commercial value such as hollywood movies or similar (not home movies).

How you can help:

We need a user interface designer.
Our site is just in beta, and is pretty rough. It needs some capable hands to create a great interface for us.

We need users.
If you want to try out the site (bad as it is) I can give you a code to make an account to see how it works.
Also, if you have a bunch of vhs tapes or dvds sitting around, I can add them to your account.

We need money.
We are currently in a contest on and can win $5000 if we get enough votes by about october 9th

There's tons more that we need help with, but I've used up enough of your time for now...

John Fenley

P.S. Please, Please vote for Crossies on

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