network problem

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Fri Sep 14 16:21:10 MDT 2012

Yes, a good source of random errors, true--but only good for acid testing.
For verifying error handling coverage you really want repeatable test
cases. For that tools such as software network error injectors are
really what you want--then you can specifically cover every error and
know you've covered it.

Testing hardware is indeed more difficult--you'd need more expensive
tools and known faulty equipment can help you there. It all just
depends on what you're testing.

At the time I wasn't testing--I was trying to get stuff done, and this
hardware snafu cost us a lot of time--so I wanted to guarantee it
didn't bite us again.

Wire wrap? No thanks. So tedious. But on the plus, you could prototype
fairly quickly with it. Now a lot of stuff is so high frequency you
gotta have it on a pcb w/carefully planned traces, impedance matched,

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