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Fri Sep 14 15:54:33 MDT 2012

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Nicholas Leippe <nick at> wrote:

> (I once had
> a bad cable that handled HTTP just fine, but made FTP simply vomit and
> caused some serious head scratching till we swapped out the cable--and
> it had no visible damage. We took scissors to it immediately to make
> sure it didn't get plugged in somewhere else by accident.)

No, no, no. A known bad component is a very useful test tool. Do by all
means take it out of service. But keep it for future testing, and
document fully what the defect is.

When I worked at Jet Propulsion Lab, we had a 2114 (I know, I'm showing
my age) with one bit stuck. It was essential for testing memory test
programs, and verifying that they were working correctly. It was also
useful for testing new boards (we did a lot with wire wrap).

This cable would be useful for testing hardware and software to be sure
it handles dropped packets correctly, and for testing routers.


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