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> > Monoprice is awesome. :)
> Thanks for the recommendation. Funny how I had already judged them
> based on the ugly url and the ".asp" :)
> Yeah, I'm shallow like that.
Originally they just had quality audio and networking cables at really
cheap prices.  They've since branched out quite a bit into commodity
electronic gadgets that are mostly a handful of parts and a custom
high-volume ASIC that are HUGE margin items for the brand-name
manufacturers.  A gigabit switch these days is pretty much just a single
chip and a bit of support circuitry, and volumes are so high and the NRE
has been so long recouped that they're trivially cheap.

Of course, a lot of that margin goes to offset the cost of the ridiculously
expensive low-yield chips that do new things or cool but relatively
uncommon things, so it's hard to complain too much.


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