network problem

Merrill Oveson moveson at
Thu Sep 13 09:45:02 MDT 2012


Life is good.  Then suddenly someone just of of the blue loses his/her
network connection.

I do the usual ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew and things return to normal.

When I look in network settings, it's like he/she has lost the
physical connection.
I've even gone back and reconnected that person into the switch.

Firewall seems ok.  I'm suspicious that my switches are performing up to par.

Anybody know anybody who could help me:

a) troubleshoot this.  I need to nail down the problem.

b) if indeed the problem is with the switches, recommend a switch manufacturer
I not that impressed with NetGear.
I called technical support and they said that I had to pay for
technical support because the switches are more than a year old.
And if my switches were indeed bad or going bad - tough luck - because
they are more than a year old.

Do switches go bad?

Any advice is appreciated.


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