Bulk Email

Lane Brooks lane at brooks.nu
Tue Sep 11 18:00:47 MDT 2012

I am using Google Apps Engine (GAE) for a small project. I need to send 
a bulk announcement email (1000 users) to everyone that has registered 
on the site. The announcement has certain customizations for each user. 
I have found that the mailer built into GAE doesn't make it through most 
spam filters. Anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to get 
around this issue?

Since GAE cannot open sockets except to fetch web pages on port 80 and 
443, I started using postmarkapp.com to send confirmation emails. 
However, they have restrictions against bulk email and only allow 
transactional email. I tried sending a bulk email, but they detected it 
pretty quickly and shut it down.


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