/tmp full of tmp.X files

Ryan Byrd ryanbyrd at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 14:35:04 MDT 2012


imagine there is a CentOS release 5.5  server where /tmp keeps getting
filled up with zero length files. bijillions of them. watch:

[root at server/]# mv /tmp /tmpold; mkdir /tmp; chmod 777 /tmp
[root at server/]# ls /tmp
[root at server/]# ls /tmp
tmp.Ce2761  tmp.EZ2746  tmp.fI2847  tmp.pD2819  tmp.rg2791  tmp.ri2805
tmp.tk2776  tmp.WX2833  tmp.yr2728  uploading_01878.jpg9X250p
[root at server/]# ls /tmp
tmp.Bv2989  tmp.ed2960  tmp.fI2847  tmp.JC2915  tmp.mB2930  tmp.pD2819
tmp.ri2805  tmp.tk2776  tmp.yr2728  uploading_01879.jpgHXxLmh
tmp.Ce2761  tmp.EZ2746  tmp.ip3017  tmp.jp3031  tmp.OE2975  tmp.rg2791
tmp.Tg3003  tmp.WX2833  tmp.ZV2945
[root at server/]# ls /tmp
tmp.bK3474  tmp.dK3610  tmp.fI2847  tmp.hB3280  tmp.JC2915  tmp.lK4179
tmp.MT3055  tmp.pD2819  tmp.rg2791  tmp.tf3308  tmp.vA3999  tmp.wR3085
tmp.Bv2989  tmp.DO3893  tmp.FQ3129  tmp.hi3386  tmp.jp3031  tmp.ll3100
tmp.MT3640  tmp.pI4252  tmp.ri2805  tmp.Tg3003  tmp.vg4101  tmp.Wv4389
tmp.bx3595  tmp.dV3252  tmp.FS3207  tmp.HN3428  tmp.JT3340  tmp.lV3371
tmp.Mu3846  tmp.pi4453  tmp.Rp3979  tmp.tk2776  tmp.VP4554  tmp.WX2833
tmp.by3143  tmp.ed2960  tmp.fw4287  tmp.HU4526  tmp.Ju4317  tmp.mB2930
tmp.nf4361  tmp.po3863  tmp.RQ4029  tmp.tp4498  tmp.vR4347  tmp.xD4540
tmp.Ce2761  tmp.Ef3237  tmp.ga3400  tmp.Ie3294  tmp.jx4266  tmp.Mc3683
tmp.nI3937  tmp.PU3965  tmp.ru3157  tmp.UM3533  tmp.vV3775  tmp.XO3818
tmp.Cf4512  tmp.En4224  tmp.gb3489  tmp.ie3442  tmp.Jy3355  tmp.Md3625
tmp.Nq3878  tmp.pw4059  tmp.Rz4073  tmp.UM4210  tmp.Wj3908  tmp.XS4438
tmp.Cg3760  tmp.Ew4044  tmp.GB4302  tmp.iO3923  tmp.kZ4404  tmp.MG3070
tmp.nT3669  tmp.Qi3414  tmp.Su3575  tmp.Uu3561  tmp.wl4375  tmp.Xw3171
tmp.cN3730  tmp.EZ2746  tmp.gm4087  tmp.ip3017  tmp.Lb3745  tmp.mi3504
tmp.OE2975  tmp.Qz4164  tmp.sw3655  tmp.uY3804  tmp.wN3519  tmp.yo4014
tmp.dE3115  tmp.fd3222  tmp.gQ3325  tmp.Iu4115  tmp.lB3951  tmp.ML4238
tmp.op4483  tmp.rb4195  tmp.sY3266  tmp.Uy4332  tmp.wo3192  tmp.yP3697
[root at server/]# ls -alh /tmp/tmp.EZ2746
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Sep 11 14:31 /tmp/tmp.EZ2746

but when I do a lsof|grep /tmp, I don't see any process writing these tmp.X

ideas on what is causing this?


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