Standalone Cable TV Tuner?

AJ ONeal coolaj86 at
Mon Sep 10 18:16:59 MDT 2012

> Yes, I'm sure it's analog. If you don't need a cable box for it, it's
> analog.

I do to need something else! My first TV only got 13 channels without a
cable box (but those weren't common yet). Then they started building the
cable tuners into the TV...

... but not into projectors.

As it turns out, however, as I was coming up with that rebuttal I
remembered about this ancient device I used to use back 8 years ago when I
had a TV and watched cable:

**The VCR!**

Here I am looking on amazon for some magic box to turn coaxial into hdmi
and all I really needed was to go into my closet.

I'm glad my projector still has an old RCA jack on the back (otherwise I
wouldn't be able to use the Wii either).


Thanks for the help guys!


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