cloud archival data storage

Merrill Oveson moveson at
Thu Sep 6 11:50:12 MDT 2012


I was excited about Amazon Glacier, but after reading about it - not so much.

I love Amazon s3!

What concerns me about Glacier:

1) No tool to upload data - users need to be able to do easily - S3
has about a billion different tools, 3rd party add-on, etc.  I suppose
Glacier will too in time.
   (I suppose I could write one, but soon they'll be tools that are
way better than anything I could come up with.)
2) Cost - In researching this out the cost was more than confusing.  I
need to know the exact costs of uploading, storing and retrieving
3) Storage method.  You make a request to get your data, then it takes
3 to 5 hours.  Can you look thru your data before you choose to
download something?

What I need is what I was hoping Glacier would be.

1) A system to store TBs of data.  This data is data we don't need on
site, but would still like to be able to browse it occasionally then
if needed download that data to our network.
2) An easy to use system - lots of 3rd party tools.  (I use the s3
addon with Firefox.  It works great.)
3) Cost needs to be understandable and of course inexpensive.

I've been using external hard drives for archival data storage.
1) many drives after a year or two
2) forced to plug in each drive to find the data
3) external drives fail, get lost, get broken and "Where did I put the
powersupply for this?"

Anybody know of a good Cloud Archival Data Solution?


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