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Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun Sep 2 19:22:47 MDT 2012

On 09/02/2012 05:26 PM, Alan Evans wrote:
> Most of the CMS I have some experience either have built in support
> for bogging including tagging and viewing posts based on tags or have
> add-ons that will do just that.  Drupal for example (I know it best)
> has a module called Taxonomy which can be used for classifying
> content.  A taxonomy can be either a fixed list of categories or a
> free form "blogging" style tagging.  Taxonomies can even be
> hierarchical.  RC - Cars, RC - Planes, RC - Boats all of which are
> members of the RC taxonomy implicitly.  The taxonomy module has some
> functionality built in for creating pages like you are looking for but
> when combined with the Views module you can do some really incredible
> stuff.  Though the learning curve might be higher than you are looking
> for as Views are really powerful and have a lot of options.

Thank you.  Very interesting.  I'm not at all keen on Drupal having
maintained a number of drupal installations at BYU.  But your comments
on CMS are indeed valid.  Guess what I asked for is pretty complicated,
so the solution is bound to be a bit more complex.  I will look into
CMSs.  Any good CMS's written in Python?  Looking right now at Pinax...


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