Blogging software, or sites

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sat Sep 1 23:23:09 MDT 2012

tldr version first:
Is there blog software that can:
- present sub-blogs using tags to filter view (not just a search results
- virtual hosts instead of just urls to filter by tag
- allow unique themes to be applied to each filtered view

So I'd like to start a blog of sorts, but I have some unique
needs/wishes.  I want to be able to have just one blog but have
different sub-blogs that are automatically created according to tags and
accessed by urls that specify the tag desired.  I know this
functionality basically exists in and any blog software
really.  But I want it to go a bit farther.  Suppose I post a number of
articles that are tagged with different subjects like RC (aircraft),
Python, Family, Farm, etc.  Besides the main aggregate view that one
would normally see by going to my blog's main page, I'd like to see for
example a mini blog with only posts having to do with computers, or only
with RC, or only with farming.  When viewing the sub-blogs I'd like the
view to be the same as if one viewed the main blog, but maybe with a
sub-blog-specific theme (Background image, etc).  Of course posts can
appear simultaneously in different sub-blogs just because they would be
tagged with multiple labels perhaps.

Something else I'd like to do is be able to assign virtual hosts to the
sub-blogs.  For example, going to would show a
farm-specific blog but with just the applicable posts from my blog (it's
just a view really) with a unique theme.  This would cater to a
particular audience of course.  My main blog might live at and show everything.  Or http://blog_url/tag to
show tagged posts, but also apply a particular theme, like some cool RC
airplane design for RC-tagged posts.

The theme thing is probably less important than the virtual host thing.



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