Java problem on Fedora 17

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Oct 25 11:02:34 MDT 2012

On 10/25/2012 10:46 AM, Barry Roberts wrote:
> It's not thrashing.  I have 12 GB of RAM, and I do have 5MB of swap used
> after 38 days of uptime, but that doesn't change during the build.  The
> build process(es) do use a lot of CPU during normal building and while
> they're apparently "hung."

Yes but load average?  CPU wait percentage? Are there processes in the
uninterruptible sleep state?

> I've tried to look for hardware errors, but there's nothing in dmesg and
> smartctl says:
> Device does not support SMART
> Error Counter logging not supported
> Device does not support Self Test logging
> I'm about to un-install kmod-catalyst (from rpmfusion) because that is the
> biggest thing that''s changed since I was successfully building on this
> desktop a few weeks (months?) ago.

Good plan.

> When I can kill the hung java process, everything seems to recover almost
> immediately.


Is there any difference in the machine's behavior when you run the build
form a text-mode virtual console?  Maybe X11 is messing things up.
Sometimes even text scrolling across an xterm can bring X11 to its knees
and every process will then hang that's trying to communicate with X11.
 Maybe uninstalling the ATI drives will fix things like you say.

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