Java problem on Fedora 17

Barry Roberts blr at
Thu Oct 25 10:13:12 MDT 2012

I'm not sure when this started or got so bad, but I have a java/ant build
that normally just takes over a minute.  Now during that build, it will
hang, sometimes for several minutes.  During that time my chromium or
Firefox might also hang.  I can switch tabs, but chromium will pop up the
"Kill this window" dialogs, and loading pages will just spin in firefox.

It's really hard so strace ant builds because our build kicks off a lot of
child processes.  But I think I have seen it stuck in FUTEX_WAIT, so I've
rm'ed /dev/urandom and it's just another random now to eliminate that
possibility, even though I'm not running in a VM.  I think I've eliminated
the Gnome accessibility issue by running in XFCE with no compositing.  This
still happens.

I was having the issue with Oracle jdk 7u4, so I upgraded to 7u9, and got
the same thing.  I'm pretty sure I even built with openjdk from the Fedora
rpms and it did the same thing.

I'm at a loss.  Anybody have any ideas what else could cause this?


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