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Tod Hansmann at
Fri Oct 12 00:03:41 MDT 2012

On 10/11/2012 8:23 PM, Michael Torrie wrote:
> One last question... I know google voice integration works these days 
> via google talk. But the problem with that is that it takes over my 
> chat account that I use for other things. I should have put my google 
> voice number on a different account in hindsight. But if a script 
> could do the connection with a callback to my sipgate number, then I 
> wouldn't be blocking my google chat account. Suppose that's possible? 
> I recall that in the early days before google talk integration in 
> asterisk they did hackish things like this to get google voice working.
First, I don't actually understand what you're asking (what's a sipgate 
number, for instance?  Are you trying to receive or make calls, or 
both?).  So, I will answer with some reading to start off:

Second, The general rule with FreeSWITCH in my thinking is this: If you 
can get a channel to or from FreeSWITCH with a thing, you can do 
anything you want with that channel.  Anything at all.  Separating the 
chat account presence (if this is what you mean by it "taking over") is 
a subject for the google end on how you might be limited with creating 
the channel to/from FreeSWITCH.

That said, I happen to know that my google talk account is fine while 
I'm in gmail and Google+ even if I'm chatting in one or the other, so 
this may have changed with the advent of G+ integration since you last 
looked at it, and this might be a slightly different scenario.

Perhaps try it (it's easy! we can help if you get hung up setting it 
up!) and let us know?  Feel free to ask more questions, this doesn't 
have to be your last. =c)

-Tod Hansmann

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