Meeting this Wednesday at 7:30pm -- FreeSWITCH

Tod Hansmann at
Wed Oct 10 22:05:19 MDT 2012

OK, so, It went ok, and I talked for an hour an a half (I told you there 
was a lot to cover) but I think it gives a good grounds to start 
exploring from.  If anyone has questions regarding the topic, they can 
ask here and they might get an answer, or use one of the many resources 
I outlined today, most of which are also listed at  I 
hope that somebody got something good out of it. Plus, we called Tetris 
afterward, and the funny sounds number.  That was good times right there.

I did record something.  The video and audio are separate, and the video 
is messed up a bit, but if I can get them combined and uploaded somehow, 
I will, and I'll followup with a link.


-Tod Hansmann

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