Meeting this Wednesday at 7:30pm -- FreeSWITCH

Tod Hansmann at
Tue Oct 9 19:28:07 MDT 2012

On 10/9/2012 6:12 PM, Matt Melvin wrote:
> On 10/08/2012 03:54 PM, Steve Meyers wrote:
>> We will be meeting at the C7 facility at Canopy Building 5 in Lindon,
>> behind Home Depot.  You will need to bring a photo ID in order to sign
>> in at the front desk.
> Do I need to have my PLUG registration confirmed before I can do this?
> I applied over a week ago and haven't heard anything.  I'm not too
> concerned about that, I just want to make sure that I'll be able to get
> into the meet-up.
> Also, how open is it for members to bring guests?  This will be my first
> one, obviously, so I'm not really sure about the structure or policies.
> Thanks.
> P.S. Hopefully the plain text and line breaks work as expected!  This is
> my first attempt via Thunderbird... and thanks for the advice, everyone.
No, you don't have to be a "member" whatever that means, it's open to 
anyone that wants to attend, who also happens to have an ID.

-Tod Hansmann

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