slightly OT, need some electronic circuit help

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Oct 8 11:57:07 MDT 2012

On 10/08/2012 11:36 AM, Hugh Clark wrote:
> Perhaps I don't fully understand the problem, but couldn't you use an
> H-bridge to control the motor (only needing 1 DC power supply) and an ADC
> on the Arduino to measure the position?  The code in the Arduino would
> provide the basic feedback loop allowing you to set rough ADC values from
> the pot for your 3 positions.

Of course. I said all that before[1].  Digital circuits are nice, but
nothing beats the reliability of a simple analog circuit.  I found some
good info on op-amps, how they work, unipolar circuits, and exactly what
the different resistance values give you.  My application is in a very
rough environment (dirt, dust, vibration, and extreme temperatures).
The simpler the circuit the better.  Arduino is way overkill for this

All in all, this is a case study in why we computer people could
probably use a bit of electronics (analog as well as digital) knowledge
rather than falling back to code, though that does work very well in
many cases.  And if I was making a robot I would do it in code, and not
use an analog circuit.

[1] I've noticed a strong correlation between top-posting and not
reading the e-mail one is responding too!  You missed the last paragraph
of my last e-mail.  Posting inline with the quotes helps eliminate this
problem.  Just saying...

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