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Levi Pearson levipearson at
Wed Oct 3 09:23:10 MDT 2012

On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 9:01 AM, Matt Melvin <rage_311 at> wrote:

> I'm poking around in Thunderbird as we speak. Seems to be the best
> cross-platform client, as far as I can determine.
> Now I'm just wondering if I can replace Outlook with Thunderbird
> completely on the work front, and use it as my
> email client all-around. I have to deal with an exchange server, etc.
> during the day and would like to migrate
> everything to a different client, including the calendar and meeting
> invites.  Anyone have experience with this?
Although I have a corporate Windows install in a virtual machine that I run
Outlook in, I do most of my email at work with either Thunderbird or
Evolution.  I haven't pushed the Exchange integration terribly hard on
either, but if your Exchange server is set up to allow IMAP, they both work
pretty well for email and incoming meeting requests.  Unless there's been
some recent work that I'm not aware of, though, you'll probably need to
make occasional use of Outlook or the Exchange webmail client if you rely a
lot on the non-standard features of Exchange.

Recent versions of Exchange Server have built-in SOAP-based APIs, though,
and from what I've read the OS X Outlook client uses these APIs
exclusively.  So, it should be possible for a Linux-based mail client to
make use of these APIs to give full Exchange support, but given the way
these sorts of things typically work, it's probably not easy to get it to
work well, and I have no idea if anyone cares enough to fund that


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