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Wed Oct 3 09:01:57 MDT 2012

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> These two articles are good to be aware of:

Thanks for those links, they definitely provided some insight.

> As far as clients go, any standard Linux client should work fine: KMail, Thunderbird, Evolution, Mutt.

I'm poking around in Thunderbird as we speak. Seems to be the best cross-platform client, as far as I can determine.
Now I'm just wondering if I can replace Outlook with Thunderbird completely on the work front, and use it as my
email client all-around. I have to deal with an exchange server, etc. during the day and would like to migrate
everything to a different client, including the calendar and meeting invites.  Anyone have experience with this?

Also, regarding emacs and vim... I don't have much experience with either.  I can see their potential, but
the steep learning curve has put me off of using them much so far, although this IS a to-do list item.  Some day...

I'm going to attempt the migration to Thunderbird.  We'll see how it goes.

Thanks again,



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