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> > Welcome! I'm top-posting and sending in rich text to ensure an [OT]
> flame war netiquette thread starts shortly hereafter. ...It's the best kind
> of welcome we know how to give!
> I now realize I've committed (and am still currently committing) a mailing
> list faux pas (or two).
> The good news is, I've discovered the "Plain text" setting in Hotmail's
> web interface.  I'd rather
> switch over to my gmail account, but I guess I wasn't sure how much
> posting to a mailing list would
> expose my email address to spam via bots/spiders.  Go easy on me... I'm
> brand new to mailing lists.
> Any references for good mailing list netiquette would be much appreciated.
>  Also, any tips on an email
> client to use that will ensure proper, plain text messages and appropriate
> line length, etc., and will
> make these threads easier to read?  I've been doing a lot of
> distro-hopping and I use several
> different machines (also, different OSes), so I don't really even have an
> email client that I use
> consistently right now.

First question... emacs or vim?  (This is a topic that creates almost as
many flame wars as top vs. bottom posting)

If you are an emacs user, gnus actually makes a great email client. If not,
you would probably prefer mutt.  But actually, just about any email client
can be used, even the gmail web interface.  You just have to trim
extraneous stuff and then move the cursor beneath what you're replying to.
 The gmail spam filters actually work pretty well, so I actually noticed
spam far less after moving my primary email to gmail.

If you use neither emacs nor vim... well, you should probably learn the
basics of both, but emacs is where its at.

So pretty much, I want to do right by as many people as possible here, but
> it's a whole new (old)
> world, so I'd like some direction.

Don't worry too much, just dive in and participate.  There are some
strongly opinionated people here, but they are generally nice and have
great insight to share if you look past the "strong wording" of their

Also, I think only a few old-timers are really sticklers about top-posting
and such things, and giving them a chance to vocalize their preferences
helps them to continue to feel relevant. ;)

> And thanks for the strange welcome!...

 We're a strange bunch, but don't let that put you off!


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