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Tue Oct 2 09:04:13 MDT 2012

It is impossible to please everyone in this group, so don't bother trying. That's what makes it so fun. Just enjoy the flame wars and grumbling.

But if you send a private message to the entire list, remember that Google will never forget.

These two articles are good to be aware of:

And these two are just for fun:

As far as clients go, any standard Linux client should work fine: KMail, Thunderbird, Evolution, Mutt.



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> > Welcome! I'm top-posting and sending in rich text to ensure an [OT] flame war netiquette thread starts shortly hereafter. ...It's the best kind of welcome we know how to give!
> I now realize I've committed (and am still currently committing) a mailing list faux pas (or two).
> The good news is, I've discovered the "Plain text" setting in Hotmail's web interface.  I'd rather
> switch over to my gmail account, but I guess I wasn't sure how much posting to a mailing list would
> expose my email address to spam via bots/spiders.  Go easy on me... I'm brand new to mailing lists.
> Any references for good mailing list netiquette would be much appreciated.  Also, any tips on an email
> client to use that will ensure proper, plain text messages and appropriate line length, etc., and will
> make these threads easier to read?  I've been doing a lot of distro-hopping and I use several
> different machines (also, different OSes), so I don't really even have an email client that I use
> consistently right now.
> So pretty much, I want to do right by as many people as possible here, but it's a whole new (old)
> world, so I'd like some direction.
> And thanks for the strange welcome!...
> Matt 		 	   		  

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