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Sasha Pachev sasha at asksasha.com
Mon Oct 1 15:32:56 MDT 2012

> 1) admins have little control over developers.  Developers program what makes sense at the > >time to get the job done on a deadline.  Admins do what makes sense to make those >programs run with good performance.  Sometimes there are debates, arguments, etc over what >is "best".

On the subject of the eternal battle between DBAs and developers. I
have always felt it was a strategic mistake to hire one person to be
MySQL "DBA", and another person to be a MySQL client developer. I
believe this is the root of many MySQL performance problems. Those
positions should not be separate. MySQL performance is 90% or so
determined by what the developer does. If the developer does a bad
job, there is not much a DBA can do to fix it except do some
superficial system tuning, write a damage control script that kills
hopelessly bad queries, and then throw in the towel and order better
hardware.. If the developer does a good job, the DBA does not have to
do anything except run system backups.

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