What's going on with FLOSS devs these days

Barry Roberts blr at robertsr.us
Fri Nov 23 09:10:48 MST 2012

On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 8:39 AM, Michael Torrie <torriem at gmail.com> wrote:
> Right.  Linus may be a hard-nosed dictator, but I've never heard of him
> not responding to genuine requests from end users or companies using
> linux and just putting things in the Kernel that he feels matches his
> personal vision of Linux's "brand."

Linus absolutely fights or refuses things that he doesn't feel should
be done in kernel space or don't fit with his vision of the
architecture of the kernel.

I really don't think it's technical inferiority that keeps Linux from
desktop domination, but if GNOME helped Windows users feel more
comfortable on a Linux desktop by associate GNOME with a simple,
consistent set of user interface features, I don't see why that
associaton (or branding) is such a bad thing.  There are plenty of
desktops for power users.

he kernel is not a UI-intensive project and it is more important that
it tries to be everything to everybody.  It is possible that there is
no desktop UI that is going to please everyone and that trying to make
one is a bad idea.

Linus and GNOME developers make technical decisions all the time about
what to include or exclude.    Just because you or I don't agree with
them, or they're aiming at a demographic we're not in doesn't make
them wrong or bad.

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