WiFi problems with Kindle Paper White -- Advice?

Jared W. Robinson jared.robinson at comcast.net
Mon Nov 5 10:44:38 MST 2012

I bought my wife a Kindle Paper White and it arrived last Monday. The
WiFi seemed to be completely broken. So Amazon sent another one, and
this time, the device could see the WiFi networks in my house and in the
neighborhood for a few minutes. Then it fritzed out and the device
wouldn't show the list of WiFi networks anymore.

My iPod Touch and our Windows laptop can see and use the WiFi without

Rebooting the Kindle seems to help, sometimes, for at least a few
minutes. Powering off all electronic devices in my house doesn't
necessarily help it to see other WiFi networks in the neighborhood.

The Kindle works quite well when it's at work (after rebooting the kindle).

I've tried disabling my DD-WRT WiFi router and swapped it for different
(older) router, but that didn't help things either.

Amazon's support doesn't seem to be particularly helpful, other than to
say "yes, sounds like it's a problem. Want to return it?"

Any ideas?


Jared Robinson

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