Help on a Job Descriptions

Nathan Blackham kemotaha at
Wed May 30 14:43:41 MDT 2012

Sorry for the delay, it has taking a while to get back to working on these.

I have an updated SDE description.  These go along with the standard
bullet point lists that we need due some legal requirements.  Any
thoughts would be great.  I am still working on the system Engineer

Are you an experienced Software Developer who has an eye for
automation and quality.  Are you passionate about Linux and/or
Benchmarks?  Than this is the job for you.

The team is responsible for qualifying the OS platform that is used to
support the Amazon's server infrastructure.  This includes qualifying
both new software and  new hardware.  The team is also responsible for
automating the qualification of this platform and releasing the
platform to production.

We are seeking a talented and highly motivated Software Developer to
join the team.  We are looking for someone to come in and help design
and develop the automation needed for a “no touch” platform
qualification.  This Qualification is functional as well as
performance based.  Most of our tools are currently in Python, but we
do have some in Java and Perl.

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