The Great Salt Sprint

Thomas S Hatch thatch45 at
Mon May 28 22:41:01 MDT 2012

The Salt Stack team is very pleased to announce the first multi city Salt
development sprint. In true Salt fashion we are hosting a distributed
sprint. This, thanks to a generous donation from the Linux Fund and the
accomidations generosly donated by C7 datacenters in Salt Lake City Utah, in Santa Monica California and in Portland Oregon.

This development sprint is being conducted with the express hope of adding
more complete unit and integration test coverage to Salt, but as always,
feature additions and bug fixes are welcome!

This development sprint is open to all, it will be a great place to learn
Salt, to hack on Salt and to have a great time hanging out. Food will be
provided and T-Shirts handed out.

More information will be provided as the details become clear, but for now,
carve out some time on June 30th to come to the event!

- Thomas S Hatch

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