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Thu May 24 07:51:22 MDT 2012

On 5/24/2012 1:28 AM, Nathan Blackham wrote:
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> > One thing I often see neglected that this list in particular brings up a
> > lot is location.  If you're in SLC, you want to save people who don't
> > like SLC the trouble of having to waste time asking.  From a personal
> > standpoint, I like to see details on necessary requirements of
> > technology understanding.  Basically, if I need to know virtualization,
> > you should say so.  If I need to know VmWare ESX specifically, you
> > should say that.  Don't be specific unless it really should be
> > specific.  Otherwise, leave specifics in parenthesis as a preferred item
> > (SonicWall preferred).  Everything else Dave suggested is awesome as 
> well.
> Location is in Seattle, WA. We are paying relocation.
> Good thoughts on the Qualifications.  I have had a hard time on 
> narrowing down some of the qualifications.  We used python mostly but 
> interface with some java, but I expect a good developer to be able to 
> pick up any language, so I don't know how much that is a requirement. 
> Am I off base with that?
> I expect a good understanding of how Linux works and good 
> troubleshooting skills. I want people who care about automation and 
> quality.
I don't think you're off base, but quantifying it in a way that's 
meaningful for your target audience (smart developers) is important.  
Saying, "programming skills" is a good start, but narrowing it down to 
things like "systems administration scripting" or "hacking in multiple 
languages" are more specific to your intent and attitude.  It will find 
you a better match BEFORE the interviews if you're communicating accurately.

Your last mention there is a good tell.  "An eye for automation and 
quality" is probably a good line to add to your job posting, as it tells 
people what you're referencing your focus toward.

-Tod Hansmann

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