Help on a Job Descriptions

Daniel C. dcrookston at
Thu May 24 06:26:42 MDT 2012

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 3:28 AM, Nathan Blackham <kemotaha at> wrote:
> Good thoughts on the Qualifications.  I have had a hard time on narrowing
> down some of the qualifications.  We used python mostly but interface with
> some java, but I expect a good developer to be able to pick up any
> language, so I don't know how much that is a requirement. Am I off base
> with that?

When I see a job description that says "These are the tools we use,
but we care more about hiring good programmers who can learn than
about the specific language you know" I move that company to the top
of my list.  Not only because that's the kind of environment I like,
but because it tells me that the job description probably wasn't
written by an HR drone.


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